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Pittsburgh Belafill specialist, Dr. James Fernau routinely utilizes Bellafill, an FDA-approved permanent filler that is used for the reduction of lines around the nasolabial folds. Bellafill is comprised of unique microspheres that are enhanced with an outer shell of collagen. Due to the presence of collagen, this filler requires that a skin test be done prior to treatment. About a month after injection, the collagen component is absorbed and the Bellafill particles remain to provide a permanent support structure for lasting wrinkle modification. Unlike some dermal fillers that are eventually absorbed by the body, Bellafill is a more permanent cosmetic filler that is utilized to restore facial fullness and to treat skin depressions, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, sunken cheeks, or facial creases with both immediate and long-lasting effects.

Administering Bellafill

Bellafill is administered using a fine needle with concentration on the problem areas of the face. Treatment can last for around half an hour. It’s normally considered as an outpatient procedure. Since Bellafill consists of microspheres with bovine-based (cow) collagen, a skin allergy test is required before treatment takes place. This is to ensure the patient’s safety and to avoid post-treatment problems or any allergic reactions. Bellafill injections are manufactured with an anesthetic, which eases the discomfort during and after treatment. Each injection and dosage is customized to the patient’s need and overall aesthetic goals.

What to Expect

Initially after an Bellafill injection, patients will experience minimal swelling and redness on and around the treated areas. These normally last up to 48 hours. However, slight bruising might take 5-7 days to disappear (if bruising occurs). The patient should refrain from any vigorous activities as it could affect the healing time and overall effectiveness of the product. When the swelling subsides, patients will see a dramatic change on the face, which resembles a softer, younger looking appearance. A certain glow is noticeable especially in the nasoflabial areas.

Expected Cost

The price for a syringe of Bellafill can range between $700 to $4,900. The price per treatment will depend on the patient’s skin condition, which dictates the number of syringes and overall dosage.  According to the average cost is $2,550.

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Average Cost  
$700 - $4,900
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1-2 Days
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30 Minutes
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30 Days
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Bellafill FAQs

How Safe Is Bellafill?

Bellafill has been in the cosmetic field since the 1980s making it a reputable skin treatment. It has a very low rate of long-term side effects. It is also a non-absorbable filler and can last many years without any complications. What most patients like about it is the non-invasiveness of the procedure so it doesn’t come with the usual risk of surgery.

BOTOX or Bellafill?

BOTOX is a popular muscle relaxant which smoothens wrinkles by temporarily ‘relaxing’ the muscles that contract and cause wrinkles. Fillers are injectables which functions as a volumizer to smoothen wrinkles as its side-effect. Both have advantages and specific applications depending on the patient’s preference, facial structure and cosmetic goal. Between the two, BOTOX is more temporary as effects fade after 3-4 months. Facial folds and wrinkles that are more severe may require a filler product. Most fillers last at least 6-8 months.

How Old Should I Be?

Bellafill aims to rejuvenate and smoothen wrinkle areas which are normally found in middle-aged women. The treatment can also be administered to younger people who suffer from stress-related premature aging, or those who wanted to enhance their appearance with smoother facial skin. Bellafill is not confined to ‘smile wrinkles’ alone but can also be used for lip augmentation, pitted scars and acne related skin problems.

Where To Inject Bellafill?

Bellafill is directly injected in the face where wrinkles are present – more commonly along the lines concentrated on the side of the mouth just below the cheeks and the pronounced folds between nose and mouth.

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