Amy Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau


My name is Amy, I am 52, and I've had quite a few surgeries done here with Dr Fernau. First it started off little, I've had permanent eye liner and lip liner done. And I love that. And then I actually became more aggressive, because of my self image and actually after having two children that I nursed, my breasts were very heavy and pendulous. I suffered with extreme headaches and backache. Dr Fernau did a breast reduction and a breast lift and therefore my headaches virtually are gone, and my back pain was immediately relieved.

I also had liposuction and an abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, and that was life changing. It made me feel feminine and sexy again, and I would have plastic surgery over and over again if could or I need it in the future, I will plan on it.

The reason I chose Dr. Fernau for my plastic surgery is of his reputation. I came into the office, the staff greeted me immediately, friendly atmosphere. The staff is beautiful, so that makes you feel like, "I want to look like them." The caring attitude. Once I was here I felt like they really cared about me, part of the family. But the sealer was Dr Fernau's impeccable reputation and the fact that he had done some pro bono work that I had found out about, of a young girl who he saved her life. If he didn't operate on her she would not be alive today. I thought, "What a compassionate, caring, human being that I can then entrust myself with him." And I have not regretted it once.

The day of my surgery I could not wait. I was os excited. I just wanted to get here. I was so nervous but in a fun way. Because I knew this is something I longed for, this is something I have done research about. A rebirth experience if I can coin that phrase. It just game me a new lease on life. A new lease on my relationship with my husband. So, once I got here I couldn't wait to get it going. They greeted me, they prepped me, I was not at all nervous. Dr Fernau explained every technique and every facet of the procedure. Marked me, so I had no questions, when he was marking my body. Felt comfortable with his nursing staff, that I know I was in good hands.

My recovery was minimal pain, I'm not going to lie, and there was some discomfort but it was managed well in advance. I was prepared for it. Medications were readily available that I had had. They made sure that I had them at home. The advice was make sure you take them, so you don't want to get any breakthrough pain. You want to keep it at a lower level. If you don't take your medications, then your pain level is going to be harder to manage. That was explained to me, so I was able to manage my pain.

I was able to work through any pain, which was just with mobility. Like after you have any surgery, the first time you get up, the first time you move. I would work through any of that pain because it could not compare to the pain every day I wake up and look at my body in the mirror and I didn't like what I would see. I knew that if I didn't have plastic surgery I would look in the mirror and see that body image that I hated. But I knew this pain would go away. Post op was just a fraction of the time and it would be manageable. The true pain, and what you will have after surgery, was managed by the office staff making sure I took my meds, making sure I had all the preparations and antibiotics before. And then they see you post op within a few days, and follow up.

My friends and family responded to my plastic surgery by just seeing my attitude. They could see how happy I was. They could see me wanting to go shopping again to buy fun clothes. And it was fun. They could see that I was happy with it. I had no complications. More importantly the staff, like I said. When they had questions about it, you'll feel comfortable there. You'll feel safe, you'll feel comfortable.

I would absolutely, unequivocally, recommend Dr Fernau to my friend and family. I have in the past and if I didn't believe in his ethics, his technique, his caring, I would have not encouraged my sister or my daughter to have plastic surgery with him. I tell everybody I can to go to Dr Fernau, and I would probably go back to him when I'm older and need a face lift.

The best advice I'll tell anybody is if you're thinking about plastic surgery, love yourself enough to do it. Because it just rejuvenates your life in so many facets and I encourage people to. Don't work around trying to hide things. In today's world we can change it. But the most important thing is find a physician, and dr Fernau is the one I would suggest. He's not a physician, he's almost like your family member. He goes over everything, he's compassionate, he's caring. He follows through with everything. His office staff, the same. So, the whole attitude makes you feel like I know I made the right decision.

Plastic surgery has changed my life in so many ways. First and foremost, I feel sexy again. After having the children and carrying around extra weight, particularly in my abdomen, I always had to dress to hide my belly fat. I thought I was too young to have to do that. I had a lot of living to do. And I wanted to be able to wear sexy, fun clothes and feel feminine. Most importantly, it helped to reinvigorate my relationship with my husband. It spiced it up a little, because I felt sexy. So then therefore, it made me feel youthful again and I wanted to be a good role model to my children. Just because you get older you don't have to look old.

Go to Dr Fernau. You will not regret it.