Cindy Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau


The surgeries that I had done here at Dr. Fernau's office are a forehead lift and a mini abdominoplasty... Brazilian abdominoplasty. The reason that I chose to get the forehead lift done was because I had a problem with my left eye. It slightly drooped, and Dr. Fernau thought this would be a great way to fix the problem that I had with my eye. And it actually did work. It solved the problem. My reason for having the Brazilian mini abdominoplasty is because I had a... I'm an older woman, and I had the loose skin that everybody hates... the little muffin-top pouch. I wanted that cut out, and Dr. Fernau did a wonderful job, and I no longer have the pouch there.

I chose Dr. Fernau because a lot of my friends had went to him, and I heard wonderful things about his work. A few of my friends who've had breast augmentations from him and also had abdominoplasties done by him just had phenomenal results. I was very happy with what I saw. He's very personable. He takes time to tell you all that is going to be involved with the surgery. I mean, he'll spend one to four hours, it doesn't matter, until you feel comfortable about getting the surgery. He explains every step that you're going to go through during the process and after the process, so I was very happy with what I heard, and that's why I decided to go with him.

How I feel toward the surgeries that I've had from Dr. Fernau's office have changed my life is I feel more confident. I feel it's given me a younger appearance. I don't feel that I look my age. It's just an overall life changing experience to feel that you look more flattering in clothing, that things that used to bother you just don't, so you walk with a more confident attitude. I wouldn't have had that if I had not have came to Dr. Fernau.

My friends and family have definitely noticed a difference in the way I carry myself. They feel that I walk more confident, that I feel more confident, that I, if I would quote them, "have more of a glow." I seem very positive and optimistic. I don't hide my face anymore. I don't walk slaunched over, and that's all due to Dr. Fernau and the great experience I've had.

I would advice anybody that's looking for a plastic surgeon to definitely take time to read Dr. Fernau's reviews. If you read his reviews, you will realize that he's a very family orientated man. He really takes his time. He explains himself to patients. He gives you that extra mile that you're looking for, and that's really what you want in today's world. It's hard to find people that actually take time to consider what you really need. I think that if you give Dr. Fernau a chance, you will find that he really evaluates you to see what is that you really do need.

On an actual day of a procedure, Dr. Fernau's office, you come in in the morning. Dr. Fernau comes in. He greets you. He tells you everything that you can expect to have done during the surgery. The staff is wonderful. They come in. They make you feel right at home. They prep you. They put you at ease. They also explain to you about all your medications, everything that you're going to need, all your after care. And so then you have your procedure, and they're great people. They'll take care of you afterwards. I mean, they'll make sure you have accommodations and if you don't have accommodations, I mean, they'll actually go and help actually take care of you. That's something that's at the extra mile. A lot of people just don't do that.

I had two procedures done, as I said. I had a forehead lift, and I had the abdominoplasty. So the forehead lift was a very easy procedure to have. The night in question of the procedure, I had a little bit of pain. Because you are pulling the skin, but I had pain medication to help with that. The next day, you really couldn't even tell I had anything done. It was a very, very easy procedure. I recommend it to any woman who is just really looking or has any problems in that upper area of her face, because the bruising was minimal. It was probably the easiest thing I ever did.

The only thing that you have to be patient with is you are cutting your hairline, so you do have stitches. It's just like anything else. I mean, you have to be patient with that, and that's probably the only thing I really didn't like about the procedure was the healing time of the stitches itself. But afterwards, I mean, it was an easy, easy thing. Not a lot of pain. So if you can get through that part of it, it's something that I think would really enhance any person that's looking to have that type of thing done.

The abdominoplasty, I can't lie about it. It's a painful operation. It's... I mean, they do everything they can to keep you comfortable, but if you're stitching together your abdominal walls, it's not... you're going to feel it. The procedure that Dr. Fernau does, however, is different than a full abdominoplasty. That's why it's called the Brazilian abdominoplasty. So you have a smaller incision, and because you have a smaller incision, you have less pulling. It takes less time to heal. I guess old-fashioned abdominoplasties, you could be down for months.

I would say I had pain easily for a couple of weeks. But not severe pain. I mean, I could walk, and I actually could do steps. So this isn't... from what I hear, the old-fashioned procedure, you're not even able to do that. So I want to clarify to people that you can do that. But I'm not going to tell people that they're not going to feel it, because you are going to feel it. It's not just a minor surgery, but overall on the healing time... within six weeks, I mean, your incision looks beautiful. It's a smaller incision. You can get back to a normal type life.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Fernau and his staff to my friends and family. I think they're very personable people. They go the extra mile for you. They're with you every step of the way. They're going to tell you what you can expect. They're going to walk you through it. If there is a glitch, if something does go wrong, they're there for you. They're going to make sure they walk you through whatever's goes wrong, and I couldn't say more. I mean, they will go the extra mile for you, and they'll treat you like family.