Debbie Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau


Hello, my name is Debbie and I'm 47 years old, and I've had breast reduction and I've had Aqualipo on my hips and my stomach.

The reason why I had the procedures is because with the breast reduction, it was to help ease some pain with my shoulders and my back that I was having. Just a discomfort of just that extra weight and as far as the reason why I had Aqualipo done is with even eating properly and exercising to not lost that extra, little extra pounds around the hips and stomach.

I chose Dr. Fernau for both surgeries because I did research on the internet and liked the reviews that I saw for his procedures that he recommended and stuff for different people, just googled him and did all kind of different searches on other, other surgeons as well and just liked what I saw with him. Plus I liked the Aqualipo. He's one of the only surgeons that offer that. Um, when I did meet him for my consultation-very personable, very nice, very thorough explaining different procedures.

For the day of the breast reduction, I couldn't eat anything the day before, woke up morning of, had to go to an actual hospital for the breast reduction cause it was a more major type of surgery. They took me back, hooked me up with the IVs and stuff. I did have a little bit of a longer wait because I had people before me, but the IVs kept me hydrated and stuff. Once they took me back they got me prepped up and as soon as they gave me the shot with the anesthesia (laughs) I don't remember anything pretty much-pretty-all through of course. When I woke up, was a little groggy, little nauseous because ya know, I do believe I was under a little bit longer than they expected, but I mean after receiving results I don't mind cause (laughs). You need to get something like that pretty-well you know, done. Um, drive home-don't remember much though, was pretty groggy and tired by the time I got home, little and a little achy in that as well uh, that night.

As far as the Aqualipo, how I felt the day of, again, woke up, then couldn't-didn't eat anything the day before. Came in, they took me back, they prepped me for the procedure with some medicines and stuff. Got me all prepped into the room and after they gave me the pills I don't remember so I actually was in sister's car cause I don't remember them even taking me to the car (laughs) um, but uh, little groggy, but then when I got home little achy. And as far as like the pain for both of them, I did take some Percocets and some Valium. The Valium helped with the muscles, relax that and the-the Percocet was to help with the pain. Took those for probably a few days after, but it-I'm pretty, I tolerate pain pretty well so I was able to get onto Ibuprofen after about two or three days to help with both.

Procedures have changed my life because I don't have as much pain in my shoulders and back from the breast reduction, and just feel a little bit more energetic in that because I'm able to sit straighter and walk straighter. With the Aqualipo, able to fit into different pants that I wasn't able to prior to the procedure.

Oh, my friends and family, they were very supportive of the surgeries I have had done. They like the results that they see with the surgeries and procedures I've had done with the breast reduction and Aqualipo. As far as recommending to family and friends, actually I came in with my sister for the Aqualipo. She was going to have it done as well because again, when we both came in she also was very impressed with Dr. Fernau. She's had all these things happen in her life that she could have the procedure, and then I did recommend to another family member who also had a consultation with-for another procedure uh, just to see what, all the undertakings were. Friends, I've recommended a couple people at work because they actually were you know, asking me some questions. But I would recommend family and friends.

I would like to add that, you know the staff-very nice, very personable, made me feel at ease, just very a-joy-you know joy coming in after the fact for my post-op and stuff. Very nice and gave me tips on different things as far as you know, how to take care of myself and stuff like that so... Advice I'd give to other people is I mean, definitely research I mean, regardless of who's gonna do the surgery, you need to go online, research procedure, what all it entails ya know different doctors because it's just, it's very personal type thing to have done.