Elaine Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau


My name is Elaine and I am 38 years old, going on 25. I had breast augmentation and I also had a tummy tuck, the Brazilian method. I just wanted to have my tummy tuck just because I've had five children and I just wasn't satisfied. I was always pretty lean and watched what I ate. I was pretty thin but no amount of fitness would take that loose skin away. So Dr. Fernau tightened that all up and I just feel great in my jeans. And I had my breast augmentation for similar reasons. I guess after nursing five children my breasts were like deflated balloons and so I just wanted to feel, I don't know, shapely again. On the day of my surgery I was a little bit nervous but the staff here are all sweethearts and so they make you feel very comfortable and relaxed and Dr. Fernau, they put in his fabulous massage chair and the meds start to work. It really does take all the anxiety away and they are very careful to answer all of your questions before you arrive.

I even called one of the staff members on her cell phone to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to be doing and taking the right medications on the days leading up to the surgery. So I felt prepared, of course a little nervous but it felt like I was in great hands. The night after my surgery, well, I was pretty groggy and I know my husband had to be there to help me quite a bit but I did both of my procedures, we did them here in house. So he needed to drive me home and he needed to be my caretaker, which we knew would have to happen. They send you home with medication so I did take some pain medication but honestly it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I hardly had to take any pain medications so I don't know if I'm an exception to the rule or not but I was up and about even after my abdominoplasty. I can't say it, the tummy tuck.

Even after that I felt like I was getting around and cleaning the house probably far sooner than I was supposed to and I was back on the treadmill, at least walking, pretty quickly afterward and the breast augmentation was, I thought, far easier. They give you a nice supportive garment or you wear a very supportive sports bra and I felt like after 24 hours I was ready to get up out of bed and begin life again. A week after I was back to the store and back to doing my church activities and things, so. Well, I have a lot more confidence and I have relaxed on my diet and exercise I would say. I don't know if that's good or bad but I feel like I no longer have to be that perfect person to achieve the results I want. I feel like I look curvy and womanly and I feel really confident about it and I don't have to try on 100 outfits before my husband and I go out. Just two.

Well, not very many people know that I had surgery. I'm not sure anybody could tell by looking at me. I think it looks really natural. I have told a few of my friends and they were all happy for me, even a few that I thought would be kind of judgemental. Sometimes we want to help other people or do things for other people and I think they were happy that my husband and I would do something for me. My advice to others considering plastic surgery is to consider how valuable you are. We'd spend money fixing up a bathroom but we're reluctant to spend money on ourselves and I think a lot more people see me and see my bathroom. My husband said, "Honey, you're worth it. You're the mother of my five kids." And so I no longer felt guilty so I guess that would be my recommendation is, we women are worth it. We're caregivers and so it's okay to give ourselves some care. I would highly recommend Dr. Fernau to my friends and family. He was very professional.

I'm a very conservative, modest person and I never felt creepy at all, if that makes any sense. So I felt very comfortable here. His staff, I mean, they're just the sweetest people. You could just tell they really wanna make people happy and make people comfortable. I actually look forward to coming back for the post laser treatments and things like that just because I know I'm gonna get to see Sherry and I'm gonna get to see Cindy and Sheila and they're real sweethearts. I just have amazing results. I can't believe how nice my breasts look. I mean, they're just so even and so perfect and my husband can't believe. My results are far beyond what I ever dreamed they would be. He knew exactly how they would turn out and they are perfect. They are just perfect. Couldn't be more excited or thrilled.