Gary Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau


I decided to have Dr. Fernau do my surgery because I was referred to him by a couple customers that I had. They were very satisfied with Dr. Fernau.

The reason I wanted to have the surgeries was because I had vitiligo, and my skin was discolored, and spotty areas around the forehead, and cheeks, and wanted to make an improvement.

These procedures have changed my life. I mean, it brought me back to normal skin color, that I've been very satisfied with.

My friends and family have been very pleased with the results. Just looking at the difference between before and after, the total results were amazing, without a doubt.

Anybody that has vitiligo, and you have discolored skin, and you can take care of this with the laser treatment that Dr. Fernau produce, I think it's very satisfying. I'm happy with the results.

Recovery, the time after the surgery was done, getting home- It's a little discomforting, but the doctor tells you what to do. Take care of- what kind of ointments to use, how to sleep, take your showers.

It's a little bit different, a little difficult at first, but it as each day went by, you see the results a little better, and better, and better. A week goes by, and you're like, can't believe it's done. It's unbelievable. Full recovery time was, basically, probably a week or two.

Dr. Fernau's got a wonderful staff. His staff's been- I'm coming here, probably, 4 years, 5 years, and it's been the same people, same staff. And like I said, they're all knowledgeable. If you have asked them any questions and things, it seems like everybody's pretty well-rounded.

Cindy, she's a wonderful technician, as far as skin care. I've had numerous people I recommended, and they're very pleased with her.

Sherry, Dr. Fernau's assistant, she's very good. Just a wonderful over-all experience with this staff. If you've been to other places, and you haven't been here, you gotta try it, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Yes, the lasering, like I said, it's intense. You're getting your face burned with a laser. I don't know how many depths of skin they go into, but it's not a pretty thing.

At first, I thought, wow, I'm gonna get my face burned off, but my condition, I felt that it was something I was gonna take a chance with. Having Dr. Fernau do it, from what I understand he was one of the first laser technicians to actually use a laser back in the day, when these type of lasers that he was using come out.

They actually burn your skin surface. So you're taking off epidermis, and then getting down to a portion where your skin actually rejuvenates itself. It starts turning back the time.

You have to have the right person do the right procedures, and I think Dr. Fernau is the man for that type of situation. With the little bit of filler that I had, and the microderms, and the treatments like that, every so often, it's kept me looking, I think, better than I expected.

I've recommended my girlfriend, a couple clients, customers of mine, very satisfied with him. There are a lot of doctors in the area, a lot of plastic surgeons, and when somebody sees a plastic surgeon sign, and they think this guy is-

Not every doctor's a good doctor. Not every farmer's a good farmer. I'm just saying, you know. Not every car salesman is a good salesman, but Dr. Fernau is definitely, probably one of the best plastic surgeons, I think, in the area. He's a down to earth, good man, good person. I'm glad I chose Dr. Fernau.