Josephine Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau


My name is Josephine Elliott, and my age is 77. I had a cyst on the edge of my nose. I guess, all women are a little vain, and I didn't like the end of my nose, and Dr. Fernau removed it. I chose Dr. Fernau because my husband had gone to him for approximately 20 years. I started to have facials and microderm by Cindy, and I have continuously come every month, I'd say, for approximately two years. My family responded to the surgery very positive and as far as my friends were concerned, they always noticed the spot on my nose, and another friend had the surgery done. So, I decided to have it done.

The actual day of my surgery was similar to whenever my husband had his surgery. We have a lot of faith in Dr. Fernau. What he has done, mostly to my husband and then to me, has been very positive.

Typically my husband brought me out, and I had the surgery that day. I was very positive that it would be okay simply because my husband's surgeries were very good. I would not hesitate to have anything done again by Dr. Fernau.

The first night after surgery, naturally, my nose was a little painful, but not where I had to take any pain medicine or any other type of medication. After that, it was just a matter of having that redness be eliminated from my nose, and that took time. Yes, everything that I expected that Dr. Fernau told me came out exactly as he said it would.

I would recommend Dr. Fernau to my family, and my husband has already gone to him, and friends, and they have also gone to him. Any future friends or relatives that would ask me about him, I would recommend him highly. We have recommended Dr. Fernau to many of our friends, and they have had surgeries done by him. They were very well pleased with Dr. Fernau and thanked us for recommending him.

I would like to add that coming to Dr. Fernau for myself, for my nose and my facials and microderm, more people have noticed the difference in my face, and being a woman, 77 years old, I appreciate that. I tell them that I go to Dr. Fernau, and the facials and the microderm make me look better.

My advice to those that are hesitant about having surgery: Don't wait till tomorrow what you can do today.