Makayla Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau


My name is Makayla Smith. I'm turning 25 pretty soon, and I actually have gotten a few lasers done. I've tried the Isolaz once, but my normal procedure is the Fraxel and the Sciton. I decided to have the procedures done because I've had acne scars for years, since high school. I don't like going out even just to the grocery store without makeup on. It's a hassle, it's embarrassing. I just wanted to get rid of the scars, basically. Try to go au naturel every once in a while.

I chose Dr. Fernau for the procedures because I had read actually in a magazine article about the Isolaz treatment and how it's supposed to help with acne and the scars. So that's how I got started here. And then I started seeing Cindy Scozio for my treatments and ever since, I've been hooked, for both scar removal and acne treatment. These procedures have changed my life in many ways. Just even seeing my friends daily, they'll tell me that I look brighter even in the face and I am definitely getting to the point where I can go out and about without makeup some days. Right now I'm a little red 'cause I just had a procedure, but normally I'm a lot lighter than this and I can actually, even if there's a couple problem areas, I can quickly touch it up and then go out.

But there's also been a lot of makeups that I couldn't use before, 'cause they just didn't cover up the scars. And it would take me literally half an hour to do my makeup every day. Just the concealing alone. Now, I can use cheaper makeups, so it's more cost-effective for me, and it takes me way less time in the morning to get ready. So it's been awesome in so many ways. Plus I break out less.

My family has noticed that I break out less, as well as my friends. My friends said that I just have a brighter appearance in general. And my family kind of thought that I was putting myself in a lot of... doing a lot to my face that was unnecessary, but once they saw the results, they're really happy for me 'cause my family, of all people, know how I've been struggling with acne for a really long time. So, they're happy for me.

I would definitely tell as many people as I could to go ahead and try the microderms and try the laser treatments that Cindy has to offer. Like I said, it doesn't only help with the scars, but it helps me acne. It helps me sun spots, it helps with clogged pores or too big of pores. There's so many applications to it, and I would definitely recommend it.

On a normal day, I get a microderm. I started out getting them twice a month, and at first, my skin would get a little dry afterwards, and then it would peel and then what was underneath would be like brand new skin, and it would be healthier looking. Now that I've been here for a while, I only get them once a month, and my face is just red to begin with. I might get a little bit of peeling afterwards, but it basically just gives me a really, really deep clean. And like I said, helps with the acne.

As far as the lasers go, I do the Sciton and the Fraxel, and it takes about a week for my skin to... takes a week for it to heal but it really takes about three weeks for the redness to completely go away. If I'm feelings a little self-conscious, I can put on makeup about a week afterwards, but the lasers take off about three layers of your skin, so you're healing for a good week. The first three days are uncomfortable, but not really painful, if that makes sense. Then after that, it just, like I said, just kind of peels a little and heals, and then you have brand new healthy skin underneath.

I would recommend this procedure. I actually already have recommended these lasers to people. I've actually had multiple, multiple people ask me, "What have you been doing to your skin? I struggled with acne for years, so how did it all of a sudden go away and all of a sudden you're brightened?" And I tell them to come see Cindy, to call Dr. Fernau and he's the one that recommended me to go see Cindy in the first place. And I think I've actually got a couple people lined up to start seeing her. So people have noticed and I've definitely been recommending them.

I would like to add that Cindy has not only helped me with the lasers, she's also just helped me outside of here too. She's taught me things. How to take care of my skin better out of the office as well as in. It definitely helps her treat my skin, but it helps me with less breakouts too. So, little things like vitamins I can take, how to wash my skin better, I like that she does those things 'cause you can tell she's not selfish about it. She's not in it for the sale, for every procedure she does on someone. She truly, you can tell, she gets so excited whenever your skin gets better. She really truly wants you to look the way you want to look. And she's become a good friend of mine as well. She's just a really great person and I love that I started coming here to her.