Marsha Testimonial (Censored) - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial (censored) for Dr. James Fernau


Dr. Fernau has performed liposuction on me. He lipoed my back fat, my stomach area, my outer thighs and he also did a fat transfer into my breasts. I just wanted a boost of confidence and I really wanted to just see what it was like and see how it would kind of change my body. I am really happy with the results, so I'm really glad that I did it.

He is highly recommended by a lot of people that are close to me. A lot of my family and friends know him and he's very personable, friendly, extremely intelligent and he's just one of the best doctors I have met.

I'm just a lot more confident with how curvier my body is, and the overall shape of it. When I first told them, they were a little shocked. They thought that I didn't need it done. But, I'm very picky with myself, so I went through with it, regardless of what anyone said. And, I was pleased with it and all of my family and friends were pleased with it as well.

It's okay to be anxious before your first procedure. I was very anxious before mine because a part of me was really hesitant, but a part of me was just really excited about the whole thing. I would just say if you're anxious, it's okay. Definitely make sure that you really want to get it done. Once you have it done, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

They are all very friendly, very smart. The office is gorgeous. Everything about this place just makes you feel like you're some kind of royalty or something. They just make you feel like you're welcome here. They definitely eased my mind whenever I told them about my anxiety. They really helped me deal with that. I would definitely recommend Doctor Ferneau and his staff to anyone that would like plastic surgery.

I really became close with a lot of the staff, because they can relate to anyone. They're very personable and they give you really good information. They help you with your anxiety and they just made me feel very welcome here.