Molly Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau


My name is Molly, and I am 46 years old. I had a breast enhancement breast augmentation. I decided to have plastic surgery, basically, for me to feel better about myself, and to give me more self-confidence. I felt that I would look at myself in the mirror, and I didn't like what I saw. I felt that my body was not proportionate to what I would like to look like. I felt that my chest was so small compared to my hips, and I felt that it intensified my hips all the more. That is why I chose to have the breast augmentation, and the breast enhancement to be in proportion with my hips.

I chose Dr. Fernau due to his reputation, you know how they say, word of mouth. I had heard a lot about Dr. Fernau, and all positive. I have had family that have had surgery with Dr. Fernau not just breast augmentation, other surgeries, minor as well as major surgeries, and everybody had positive experiences from beginning until end. Truth be told, with my age a lot of my friends have had breast augmentation as well with other physicians, and I listened to their stories previous to my surgery as far as difficulties that they had. I weighed the options, and I chose Dr. Fernau due to his reputation, and due to the experiences that others have had with him.

The surgery has changed my life so much for me internally. I feel that I have so much more self-confidence. I always felt that I was more of an introverted individual, and a follower. It has given me so much more self-confidence. I feel prettier, I feel sexier, I feel that I look better in clothes, and that just means the world to you, if you feel that inside, I think, others can feel better about you as well, the way that you portray yourself, and your attitude. I have such a better attitude about myself.

One thing I must say, how my family and friends have responded, as I said previously about my hips being larger, and my husband knew how that bothered me so much, the best thing he said to me after surgery he said, "Oh my gosh, your hips look so small compared." That is the best thing he could've said to me. Also, I just feel better about myself and, I think, my family realizes how happier I am too.

The day of my surgery, actually I was a bit apprehensive previous to this because I am a little bit of a scaredy cat. However, Dr. Fernau and his staff really were quite patient, and understanding with me. I think they knew how scared I was. I wanted this done, but I was quite fearful, but they were so kind with me. I'm a very detail oriented person, and wanted to know what to expect, what would be the next step? How was I going to feel? They were so kind, and they told me each step, and what I was going to experience. They were open, and honest with me. Everything that I experienced was exactly what they said, and they were there for me as far as afterwards as well, that I could call them, and they would be readily available to answer any, and all of my questions and fears as well.

I have to say, there was pain. However, not as much as I thought that there would be. I think maybe my family knows what lack of tolerance I have to pain, so I was quite surprised that there wasn't as much pain that I thought there would be. However, as I said previously, Dr. Fernau and his staff pretty much told me exactly what to expect, and to not let the pain get too severe, and any of the medication that they prescribed they said definitely take it, and follow whatever they said. Basically, I did. I followed whatever they had told me to do. I guess, truth be told, maybe there was pain, but right now I forget all of that pain because it was so well worth it. I don't even really remember if there was any.

My advice to anybody that would be considering having plastic surgery is definitely do it, and don't wait. I feel that I waited too long, and as long as you can feel better about yourself, and enjoy life, life is too short, so even if there is a chance that you're thinking about doing it pursue it, and question it. As far as finding Dr. Fernau, I would recommend as a physician to do this for you, and don't put it off. Life is too short, and I'm living proof. I'm so happy, and actually I have recommended Dr. Fernau to my husband, and my mother. Who do you love the most that you want to protect the most? My husband had basal cell carcinoma on his face, so I highly recommended Dr. Fernau to take care of him, and to take care of that. The same for my mother, so I think that that is the best thing to be able to recommend your loved ones to Dr. Fernau.

Really, just anybody that is thinking of having plastic surgery just to make you feel prettier, and to make life so much better, as I said previously, life is too short. Do not hold off anything that you would want to do in the future. It's changed my life so much for the positive that I don't think I would've become the person that I am today to be able to even talk on camera, I don't think I would've been able to do that without the confidence that actually Dr. Fernau has given me, and I thank him so much every day.