Four Dos and Don’ts After Rhinoplasty Surgery

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For most patients, rhinoplasty recovery is uneventful and leads to a pleasing result – both aesthetically and functionally. However, there are a number of important things to know about recovery after rhinoplasty – including what to do and what not to do – to ensure a successful outcome. At Accent on Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Fernau helps Pittsburgh area patients achieve the nose of their dreams with the most advanced rhinoplasty techniques and technologies available today. Use the information below to better prepare for rhinoplasty recovery, and find out what four dos and don’ts can lead to a more comfortable experience, faster healing, and a better overall result.

How is a nose job performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery, informally known as a “nose job,” can be a transformative procedure for patients. From improving a person’s breathing to enhancing their look to boosting their self-confidence, the benefits of rhinoplasty surgery are virtually endless. Because every person’s needs and goals are unique, Dr. Fernau customizes each nose surgery he performs. Depending on the patient’s specific concerns and desired outcome, Dr. Fernau may recommend a traditional rhinoplasty, a functional rhinoplasty, a septoplasty, or another technique. Additionally, Dr. Fernau may suggest that rhinoplasty is performed as an open procedure – with an external incision on the nose – or a closed rhinoplasty – which utilizes only internal incisions and sutures. Most often, rhinoplasty surgery is performed using general anesthesia.

What to know after rhinoplasty

Following rhinoplasty surgery, Pittsburgh area patients should expect to have some level of bruising, swelling, discomfort, and congestion. These symptoms should resolve within about 1 – 3 weeks, depending on the type of nose surgery performed and the patient’s commitment to their rhinoplasty aftercare instructions. Four of the most important dos and don’ts after nose surgery include:

  • DO sleep on your back: Sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated will help reduce swelling after rhinoplasty. This will also help to prevent unwanted damage to the healing nasal structures.

  • DON’T blow your nose: Despite the feeling of congestion that often occurs after rhinoplasty surgery, it is essential that patients do not blow their nose while it is healing. This can increase nasal pressure and severely damage the healing tissues, ultimately compromising the patient’s outcome. Instead, patients should use a gentle saline rinse to help relieve nasal congestion.

  • DO get plenty of rest: Particularly during the first several days after rhinoplasty, patients should devote most of their time to rest. This aids the body’s natural healing process. However, patients should take short, frequent walks around the house – such as to and from the bathroom – to encourage proper circulation and prevent certain complications, like a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

  • DON’T start exercising too soon: Resuming strenuous physical activity too soon after nose surgery is another way that some patients exacerbate their discomfort, delay their healing, and compromise their final outcome. On average, patients should plan to wait about six weeks before resuming exercise after rhinoplasty. During your rhinoplasty follow-up appointments, Dr. Fernau will evaluate your healing progress and let you know when it may be safe and appropriate to begin exercising again.

In addition to these tips, it is important to follow your surgeon’s complete list of rhinoplasty aftercare instructions to ensure the best and longest-lasting results possible.

Set yourself up for success after your Pittsburgh, PA rhinoplasty

In addition to following your recovery instructions, selecting a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty surgery is critical for achieving your ideal result. Join the many men and women who have improved their breathing and enhanced their looks with rhinoplasty surgery in Coraopolis, PA by calling Accent on Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa to schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Fernau today.

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