Sheila Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial (censored) for Dr. James Fernau


The surgeries that I've had done by Doctor James Fernau are upper and lower blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation. I've also had some fillers in my face and I've been very pleased with the results. Doctor Fernau is very good at what he does and his staff is amazing and I would highly recommend him.

I would like to add each of the staff members are very professional. Sherry is amazing at what she does, her knowledge is wonderful, she is such a good surgical tech, and she is very comforting, she makes you feel very comfortable. Cindy is a wonderful aesthetician, I've had microderms by her, Fraxels, and my face after my Fraxel was so smooth, and the microderms are just a great way to keep your face in tune. And the girls in the office, Brittney and Mary are both very good at their job and everything is very organized.