Tracy Testimonial - Dr. James Fernau - Pittsburgh, PA

Patient testimonial for Dr. James Fernau

My names Tracy Heath, I'm 49 years old. The surgery I've had done is a scar revision on my cheek, which was a scar left from something another surgeon had done and Doctor Fernau fixed it for me.

I had eyelid surgery. I've had a mini facelift. I've had my lips done. I've had two breast augmentations. I've had laser resurfacing, Fraxel, Artefill, Botox, Juvederm, all the fillers.

I chose to have the procedures because I wanted to look younger and feel better about myself. I chose Dr. Fernau because like I said, back in 2001 I believe it was, another surgeon operated on my face where I had a lesion, and he left a terrible scar on my right cheek, and I came up here and Dr. Fernau fixed it and made it look perfect again. It was a terrible hole in my face actually. And I just started with small procedures and then I just kept going because I was very happy with his work. He does an excellent job.

The way I look and feel about myself, people say I look way younger than I am. Actually a lot of my friends would like to come up to Dr. Fernau and have procedures done, but they're afraid. And I tell them it's quite painless, anything you have done from Dr. Fernau. I always tell them just do it, it's really no big deal.

Yes, the staff is very friendly. They're very helpful. They've been putting up with me for a long time and sometimes I feel like I'm a pain because I call them constantly, but they're always very friendly and Cindy and Sherry, Brittney, Mary, they're all very helpful, very friendly.

Your recovery depends on what you have done. I mean even when I had the breast augmentations done it was totally painless. I didn't even have pain that day or the day after. The eyelids, I mean I've truthfully never had pain with anything I've had done or much of downtime at all.

When I had my eyelids done I had it done on Friday and I was back to work Monday. No one could even notice that I had anything done. My eyes of course look better but no one could even notice the stitches really. And the breast aug I took about a week off work but that was just his recommendation but I wasn't in any pain.

Let's see, my nephews been here to Dr. Fernau, my sister, she had a large cyst on her cheek that he cut off for her. Several friends have come up to get consultations for different procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Fernau, he's very good.