Which Breast Implants Should You Choose?

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Women considering breast augmentation surgery are often surprised to learn just how many choices they have when it comes to their breast implants. While this may feel overwhelming at first, many patients are excited to find that almost every feature of the implants used during their breast augmentation can be customized, helping them to achieve their uniquely individual goals. At Accent on Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Fernau offers a complete range of breast implant choices to help meet the needs and goals of patients in Pittsburgh, PA. Below is a closer look at what options you may have when selecting your breast implants and which one may be most suitable for you.

How do I choose the right breast implants?

Ahead of your breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Fernau will work closely with you to help you select the breast implants that best align with your concerns, anatomy, goals, and more. Some of the primary selections you’ll need to make when choosing your breast implants include:


Breast implant size is measured in cc’s, which corresponds to the volume of each implant. It is important to understand that there is not a direct correlation between breast implant size and bra size, as the same size implant can look dramatically different on one patient compared to another. Furthermore, patients with naturally asymmetric breasts may require two different sizes of implants to achieve a more symmetric look.


The most common types of breast implants are silicone gel and saline, each of which has its own unique set of characteristics and benefits. Generally speaking, silicone gel implants are considered more natural-looking compared with saline implants, which may be more prone to show visible rippling. Still, saline implants remain a popular choice. Dr. Fernau is also proud to now offer the IDEAL IMPLANT®, which combines the natural look and feel of silicone gel implants with the peace of mind provided by saline implants.


While the majority of implants used today are smooth, some textured implants are still available.


Implants are typically placed either above or beneath the chest muscles. There are a number of reasons why a patient may be better suited to one or the other placement, which Dr. Fernau can help to explain based on your particular case. Additionally, there are several incision locations available for breast augmentation, including:

  • In the crease under the breasts
  • In the underarm
  • Around the nipple-areola complex

Is there a way to get larger breasts without implants?

For patients who would like to increase their breast volume without implants, a fat transfer to the breasts may be recommended. In this technique, excess fat is removed from another area of the body and transferred to the breast to create subtle yet beautiful enhancements to the size, shape, and overall appearance of the breasts. Dr. Fernau also utilizes fat grafting in implant-based augmentations to further boost the results of the procedure.

Overwhelmed with your Pittsburgh, PA, breast implant options? We can help

Enhancing your feminine figure with breast augmentation surgery should be an exciting time, but our caring team at Accent on Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa understands that many patients feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to them. If you are considering breast augmentation in Pittsburgh, PA, call our convenient Coraopolis office to schedule your private consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Fernau, and let us help guide you through each step of the process to help you achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals.

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