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About HydraSolve

Pittsburgh, PA plastic surgeon Dr. James Fernau is proud to offer area patients a new, gentle way to remove fat through a controlled heating system that liquefies and removes fat without disrupting nearby tissue. HydraSolve uses the FDA-approved Tissue Liquefaction Technology (TLT) and a specially designed cannula, which delicately heats the internal fat pockets that reside under the skin and in certain areas that are resistant to natural weight loss. The HydraSolve system works differently than traditional liposuction because it eliminates the forceful movement that is required in traditional fat removal surgery, and instead targets certain areas with liquefaction of fat tissue. During a HydraSolve procedure, liquefaction occurs only to fat tissue — therefore nearby blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues are not affected or disrupted.

Best Candidates

HydraSolve works best for patients who are at a stable, healthy weight. It is not intended to be a method for weight loss. The results following a HydraSolve procedure are generally long lasting, but your outcomes could be affected by new weight gain, pregnancy, and aging, so we encourage patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid additional weight gain. Patients should not smoke or use tobacco if undergoing HydraSolve as this can impair the healing process. Many of our patients who decide to undergo HydraSolve are also excellent candidates for a fat transfer procedure. HydraSolve's patented technology works great for autologous fat grafting.

About the Procedure

HydraSolve is performed under anesthesia. Depending on the body parts being targeted and if a fat transfer is also taking place, the patient will either be given local anesthesia or placed under general anesthesia. The cannula is inserted and gently glided under the skin where the heated saline melts the fat cells, which turns the fat into a liquid that is then removed.  During a HydraSolve procedure, tiny incisions are made in the skin to allow the cannula access, but the technology is not designed to cut the fat for removal.

Many patients ask how the cannula does not affect nearby tissue once it is under the skin. This is because the pressure of the saline stream is low, therefore it is designed to avoid cutting tissue other than the targeted area. In addition, the opening to the HydraSolve cannula is rounded and dull, puposely manufactured this way to do its job without damaging or cutting tissue in the process. During the procedure, Dr. Fernau moves the HydraSolve cannula in a gentle, slow, and methodical manner so that the exact pockets of fat are correctly targeted, resulting in an aesthetic outcome the patient will be happy with. As a result, there is less tissue trauma made to the body and a faster recovery.

What to Expect

HydraSolve is designed with a gentle fat reduction system (which helps minimize bruising and bleeding) thus lessening the overall recovery time. Most patients who only have the fat removal surgery can return to work in a few days and resume physical activities within 2 – 3 weeks. The peak aesthetic outcome is typically seen within 1 – 3 months. If a patient is having a fat transfer at the same time as the liposuction treatment, the recovery process takes longer because there are multiple areas that require healing and post-op care.

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Melt Away Fat

At the plastic surgery center of Dr. James Fernau, we are always looking for new methods to attain the aesthetic goals of our patients. HydraSolve can be used on most parts of the body including the abdomen, hips, back, arms, thighs, and buttocks. It is excellent for fat transfers and is the preferred system Dr. Fernau uses for most patients. If you would like to learn more about HydraSolve, please contact our Pittsburgh area office today to schedule your consultation. 

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